Bethel Apostolic Tabernacle

Buchanan, Michigan

E: [email protected]

P: 269.695.3356

A: PO Box 183, 945 Chippewa Street, Buchanan, MI  49107

Bus Ministry

Bethel Apostolic Tabernacle’s Bus ministry is one of the most focused and exciting programs offered at our church. It is made up of the most incredible staff that has a vision for the future of young people that want to make a powerful impact on  young people’s lives in this day. Because Sunday School is a very important part of Christian development, the mission of Bus Ministry is to afford everyone in the Michiana area the opportunity to go to church on Sunday.  We are prepared to pick-up and drop-off riders in a timely manner.  This service is a ministry offered to you free of charge.


If you are interested in transportation for yourself, your children or others, contact  the church office at (269) 695-3356. It is our delight to be of service to you.

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Call to have you or your children picked up for

Sunday School!!